ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation

Develop an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams.

AgiliousAgile Team Facilitation


Are you a ScrumMaster looking to improve your facilitation skills? Much of the work on Agile teams happens in group sessions: team members collaborate to identify and prioritise stories, plan work to be done, elaborate stories, identify risks and issues, communicate progress in stand-ups and other shared activities. Working in collaborative self-organising teams can be challenging and it is important that all team members understand the group dynamics involved and how to effectively facilitate these sessions.

Learn how collaborative workshops can be planned, organised and run; and how each team member can contribute to achieving maximum effectiveness – while identifying potential pitfalls and how to avoid and address these. This course will also assist you in addressing aspects of your role to build capability across the wider team.


Using a combination of interactive presentations, problem-solving exercises, innovation learning games, and team structured simulations, the experiential workshop enables participants to:

  • The value of facilitation skills in collaborative work environments
  • How to apply a variety of tools and techniques and the context in which they are useful
  • How to facilitate the various agile work practices
  • The role of the ScrumMaster and how it can help collaborative teams on their Agile journey


  • Understanding the Facilitator Mindset
  • Facilitation and the Facilitation Stance
  • Setting the facilitation context
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Facilitating chartering activities
  • Facilitationg collaborative meetings
  • Designing meetings for team interaction
  • Facilitating Scrum events
  • Facilitation Agile practices


Manjit Singh

has taught Scrum, Lean and Agile practices to hundreds of students including ScrumMasters, Product Owners, team members, PMs and executive leaders who support them. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST”)™, ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), and ICAgile Agile Team Facilitator. Manjit holds the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certifications. He brings 17 years experience practicing Lean and Agile as a team member, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Coach.


  • ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation certification
  • Class materials, resources, and references

"Manjit's ability as a trainer and leader are unparalleled in my experience. I have seen talented trainers in small forums or for specific tasks, but never before have I seen someone who is capable of leading a large group of strong willed people to learn and adopt completely new habits for such a wide range of skills."

Gerard W. - Freddie Mac

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