CASE STUDY – Cloud Migration, CloudOps and DevOps

AgiliousAgileCASE STUDY – Cloud Migration, CloudOps and DevOps
June 28, 2018 Posted by agilious In Agile,Agile CloudOps

Client:  The client operates a portfolio of websites and mobile apps, which are highly popular online destinations serving comedy videos and original content to millions of users daily. The client needed Cloud Migration, CloudOps and DevOps support from Agilious.


  • Sites within the portfolio were running on a variety of different platforms
  • Distributed infrastructure: On-premises, Third-Party Data Center, Public Cloud
  • Existing DevOps team with limited knowledge and documentation of legacy software and platforms
  • No standardization or configuration management, leading to inconsistencies across different environments


  • Design and implementation of a secure, highly available and scalable infrastructure on the AWS cloud
  • Migration of all media properties to about environment on the AWS cloud
  • Streamlining of environments and infrastructure standardization with Chef Configuration Management
  • Development of DevOps standards, procedures, and Jira-based trouble-ticket system and documentation / knowledge repository
  • Round-the-clock ProdOps, DevOps, CloudOps support


  • Consistent environments running standardized tools, software, and platforms
  • Standardized, documented Ops/Dev/QA processes & procedures
  • Significantly improved monitoring capabilities & uptime
  • Streamlined Cloud Migration, CloudOps and DevOps

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