Agilious Joins Business Agility Institute as founding member

AgiliousNewsAgilious Joins Business Agility Institute as founding member
March 21, 2018 Posted by agilious In News

Agilious Joins Business Agility Institute as Founding Corporate Member, Releases Book on Lean-Agile Experiences

The Lean Playbook, co-authored by Agilious founder Manjit Singh, to be released at Business Agility Institute Conference 2018 in New York City on March 15, 2018

[Bethesda, MD, March 12, 2018] Agilious, a niche Business Agility and Agile Transformation consultancy, is proud to be a founding Corporate Member of the newly launched Business Agility Institute. The institute’s mission is to advocate for and guide organizations towards the structure, mindset, and behavior of Business Agility.

In an environment of constant change driven by market needs, customer expectations and evolving technological innovation, companies are striving to retain their leadership and market share. The fundamental premise behind Business Agility is to build learning organizations and the capabilities to identify business opportunities or changes, respond to them, and capitalize on the opportunities. Agilious is a consulting firm specializing in applying Agile-Lean methods to help organizations accelerate their business agility.

Manjit Singh, founder and President of Agilious, stated: “We have deep passion and experience in applying Agile-Lean thinking and design to all aspects of an enterprise. We help companies and their leaders shape their strategic vision and craft a roadmap to improve their organizational agility. The Lean Playbook provides various lean and agile practices that we have applied successfully with clients and helped them improve their agility at all levels of their business.”

The Lean Playbook – No Ordinary Book

Most of the usual books are read from the beginning to the end, and we see the story unfold through the pages. The Lean Playbook has no story. At least not in the conventional way. It has lots of stories, and you do not need to read them in any particular order.


The Lean Playbook is a compendium of real success stories where Lean and Agile tools and

techniques were applied. Behind this work, there is more than eight years of experience applying Value Stream Mapping, Voice of the Customer, Visual Management and Agile Cost Estimation.


And what about results? They can vary depending on the business objectives. They can be reflected in terms of cost optimization, team or business unit performance improvement or increased customer satisfaction, but in general, they seek to reach a profound mindset change in employees, empowering them to lead improvements.

Evan Leybourn, Founder, and CEO of the Business Agility Institute noted, “We are a species of storytellers; it is how we learn, share new ideas and improve. That is why we are excited for Manjit’s new book and to welcome Agilious as a Corporate Member of the Business Agility Institute. They were a proud supporter of ours last year, and we’re delighted to have them, and their experience coaching agile leaders, contributing to the community as key members of the Institute.”

Business Agility Conference 2018 will be held on March 14-15 in NYC. To learn more and to register for the Business Agility Conference, visit:

About Agilious: Founded in 2013, Agilious’ mission is to assist organizations in achieving the highest levels of business agility through the pragmatic application of Agile and Lean methods. As passionate practitioners, we bring over 17 years of real-world Agile and Lean experience to serve our clients in enhancing their organization’s Agile DNA. We accomplish these results via groundbreaking agile transformation practices, coaching, training, and agile product development. We have led Agile and Lean adoption and implementations for a diverse array of public sector and commercial clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.

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