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The next generation of digital is here. Empower your agency and staff to deliver value faster to the public.

We work with the most forward thinking Federal agencies to create modern digital services and products that engage citizens and empower staff.


At USAID, Agilious provided Agile Software Development and DevOps services, using a High Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service (hpaPaaS) low-code solution to build a new enterprise application. We leveraged the Microsoft Azure cloud, and used a low-code/no-code Business Process Management (BPM) platform. The modern application cuts the time 20 fold (from the earlier once a year presently) for the collection of performance data by providing the capability to submit results from the field 24×7 by over 2000 users from 89 global field offices.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we have a specialized focus on health IT. From reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, we continue to help the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) harness the power of Agile Software Development to develop new health grants applications, faster. 

We are modernizing and streamlining the performance reporting systems, including providing offline capabilities for data entry using mobile devices that is contributing to reduction in grantee burden by up to 25%, reduced time to access data from 4 hours to under 10 minutes along with reduction in development, maintenance and support costs by 15%.

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In today’s digital age, every company is a software company. Now’s the time to build relevant, modern products for the digital world.


You don’t have the luxury to spend months or years on building the perfect product. The earlier you ship your first version, the sooner you can confirm whether what you are building is valuable to your target users. 

Yes, it is hard to ship fast. But we’re here to help fast track delivery of products and exceptional digital experiences. 

We work with customer-obsessed commercial businesses of all sizes that are digital-focused, to revolutionize how they work and fast-track delivery. At Freddie Mac, an Agile approach transformed the speed of delivery of a new mortgage product, Loan Closing Advisor®, for banks and mortgage lenders to close loans with confidence.

Stay competitive by delivering value at the speed of change.

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