CASE STUDY – DevOps Best Practices to Support Exponential Growth

AgiliousAgileCASE STUDY – DevOps Best Practices to Support Exponential Growth
June 28, 2018 Posted by agilious In Agile,Agile DevOps

Client:  The client is in the business of objectively measuring and rating the customer service performance of thousands of online retailers to highlight the best places to shop on the web. DevOps was needed to implement best practices to support exponential growth.


  • Exponential growth had rendered development, QA and deployment processes archaic
  • Environment was not designed to be highly available or handle increased volumes of business
  • QA team was not able to keep up with bi-weekly agile development cycle
  • Lack of configuration management, leading to inconsistencies across different environments

DevOps Solution:

  • Migration of services into separate prod/non-prod, multi-zone, scalable and secure environments within the AWS cloud
  • Migration from SVN to Git
  • Design and implementation of automated build processes using CloudFormation and Puppet
  • Automated processes to facilitate deployment of specific  branches to chosen environments, integrated with Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo


  • New scalable infrastructure & processes, fully-automated for build, test & deploy
  • Aligning of technology goals with rapid development, QA & deployment processes
  • Significantly faster QA & deployment cycles
  • DevOps Best Practices to Support Exponential Growth

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